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5 Best Google Maps Features You Don't Know

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5 Best Google Maps Features You Don't Know
5 Best Google Maps Features You Don't Know

You may have known better about Google Maps yet in this post, we will enlighten you regarding a portion of the highlights that you may not think about

At show, the cell phone has turned into an essential piece of our life. Through this, many undertakings can be effortlessly done. One of these works is finding the way. Practically every cell phone comes pre-installed on Google Maps. Through this, clients can discover any way. Above all, if this application is as of now introduce in your telephone, at that point the application does not have an issue with infections or hangs in the telephone. Well you may have known better about Google Maps however in this post, we will educate you concerning a portion of the highlights that you most likely might want to attempt.

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Zooming is simple:

If you are going someplace utilizing Google Maps, at that point clearly you cannot utilize the two hands to work it. If you need to zoom the guide, at that point you simply need to twofold tap on the guide. This will zoom the guide and you will likewise have the capacity to modify it.

Make personal map:

You can likewise make your own guide on Google Map. For this you need to go to the menu and tap on the place. After that tap on the guide and afterward make delineate. From here you can redo the guide. You can likewise impart it to your companions.

Find Stops in Travel:

You can likewise enjoy a reprieve while voyaging. This implies you can utilize the Multiple Stop highlight on Google Map. Putting Point and Destination in it. Three spots will be offered equivalent to the beginning stage, which you will get the stop alternative. Notwithstanding, this component is just given in iOS. 


On the off chance that you like a place, you can rate it. You can include depictions too. For this you will go to the menu and get a choice. 

Share Your Location:

Here you can impart your present area to anybody. Not just this, you will likewise know about what your companion's area is.

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